modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Q143  Presets

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The Q143 Presets module provides manual switching of 2 voltage sources and 2 routing paths. This can be used to allow quick switching of various patch settings and is perfect for switching patches at live events.

Controls and Connectors

    A/B Selection Switch
      Selects voltages and paths from the A side or B side, or neither when in the center.
    Voltage Controls
      Adjust the output voltage from -5v to +5v.

Panel Size:  Dual width 4.25"w x 8.75"h.
Input/Output Voltage Levels: 10V PP.
Power:  +15V@8ma, -15V@8ma.

Suggested Placement
Somewhere near the center for use as both a source and to route signals.

$109.00 US.

Usage and Patch Tips

The Q143 Presets module is a simple A/B switch and provides 2 voltage sources and 2 switches (SPDT). To provide a switch-selectable voltage, simply patch the output of a voltage section to the desired destination, then adjust the voltage at the A and B positions. To make a route change, simply patch the signals through the bottom switch sections. Signals can flow in either direction.

Filter Resonance Settings
Patch the output of one of the voltage sections to the voltage controlled Resonance input of the Q107 filter. Adjust the input level on the filter to +5 (Full), then adjust the voltage controls on the Q143 for both A and B positions.

Oscillator Octave Settings
Patch the output of one of the voltage sections to one of the 1V/Octave inputs on the Q106 Oscillator. Adjust the voltage controls on the Q143 for both A and B positions to select different octaves for each position.

Many More Possibilities
Use the Q143 to select various triggering sources for a sequencer, select between different banks of oscillators, provide various settings for Pan/Fade, or select between the ladder filter or the state variable filter. As with any module in this type of system, your imagination is the only limit.

End of Product Information