modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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Modular Analog Synthesizers
For Electronic Music, Sound Effects, Experimentation, Education
Truly Modular Analog Design with Unlimited Expandability
moog synthesizer modular synthesizer vintage synthesizers arp synthesizer
New Mega-Duty Patch Cable Holder
New Controller Bundles
New Controllers - Keyboards, Wheels, Whammy Bars, etc
New Box1,2,4 Cabinets for controllers
2014 Calendar

Bernie Wrote: "Got the keyboard controllers today. Now this is one beautiful keyboard, the picture on the web does not do them a full measure of justice. They are WONDERFUL, job very well done."



 CDs of .com Users
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      Richard Galbraith "Polyphony"

      Tim Kleinert Trio "Free Passage To Now"

      Binary Sea "Land Ho!"

      Ron Sunsinger & Bonnie Jo Hunt "Star-Songs"

      Dana Countryman "Moog-Tastic"

      David Ryle "Kindred Lost"

      The Mesmers "Subway to Another Life"

      Matt & The Dronings "For Torching"

      Elijah B Torn "Bunker Fallout"

      Marc Hans Rummig "Alien Hymns"

      Richard Termini "Ba Da Bi Ng"

      Perrey & Countryman "Destination Space"

      WintherStormer "Electric Fairytales"

      Horchata "Isolated House"

      square_wave "23 sec coma"

      Christus & the Cosmonaughts "From Atop This Hill"

      Zon Vern Pyles "Looking Forward"

      Cybertron "Remembering Tomorrow"

      WintherStormer "Woodwork"

      Perrey & Countryman "Happy Electropop Music Machine"

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