modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Q104  MIDI Interface

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Discontinued - See the Q174 MIDI Interface

The Q104 MIDI Interface will accept a MIDI signal from a keyboard or other MIDI device and creates a control voltage for pitch, a control voltage for velocity, a gate signal, and a trigger signal. These signals can be used to control oscillators, filters, and to trigger envelope generators and sequencers.

If you need a complete keyboard system with the Q104 functionality, please see our QKB15S for details.

Controls and Connectors

    MIDI In Connector
      Receives MIDI channel 1 commands.
    Gate Output Connector & LED
      Gate Output signal. Stays on (5V) as long as a note is on.
    Trigger Output Connector & LED
      Short pulse at the beginning of a note on.
    Pitch Output Connector
      Pitch control voltage. 1V/Octave.
    Velocity Output Connector
      Velocity control voltage. 0-5 volts

Panel Size:  Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h.
Pitch Output: 0-5V, 1V/Octave response (12 bit D/A).
Velocity Output: 0-5V.
Gate Output: 0-5V, active high.
Trigger Output: 0-5V, 10ms, active high.
MIDI Channel #: 1
Power:  +15V@50ma, +5V@50ma

Tracking Accuracy
The following tracking accuracy chart was taken from a QKB15S Keyboard Controller taken right off the production line. No special calibration, parts, procedures, or modifications were used.

Test Equipment Used (with recent calibration):
   HP 3455a 6.5 Digit Voltmeter

Q104 Tracking Accuracy
  Desired    Actual    % Error  

$184.00 US.

End of Product Information