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Q174 MIDI Interface

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Q174 MIDI Interface

The Q174 MIDI Interface module accepts MIDI data from a keyboard, computer or other device and produces Pitch, Gate and other signals needed to control the synthesizer.

Three modes of operation offer a variety of outputs for one or two MIDI channels. Outputs include standard 1V/Octave Pitch outputs with 10-octave ranges, 5V Gates, Trigger pulse, On and Off Velocity, Channel Pressure and several Continuous Controller outputs.

Complete control over Note Priority and Gate modes provide virtually any type of keyboard response emulating virtually all vintage and modern keyboards along with some that are unique.

Q175 Aid Module Add an Arpeggiator, Portamento, MIDI Thru and a MIDI Merge input to your Q174 module with the Q175 MIDI Interface Aid module.
$264.00 USD

This basic patch uses the Q174 as a single-channel MIDI interface to the synthesizer.

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Mode 2 operation allows the Q174 to be used as a dual-channel MIDI interface for synthesizer 2 voices.

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Using Mode 3, the Q174 can produce signals from knobs of a MIDI keyboard to control filter parameters via Continuous Controller Messages.

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Use the Add-In jack to transpose the first keyboard from a second keyboard.

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  • Panel Size: Single width 2.125"w x 8.75"h
  • Pitch Outputs: 1V/Octave, 10-octave range.
  • Velocity Outputs: 0-5V.
  • Gate Outputs: 5V positive.
  • Trigger Output: 5V positive, 5ms.
  • Channel Pressure: 0-5V.
  • MIDI Pitch Bend: Affects Pitch outputs +/- 2 semitones.
  • Pitch Add Input: External voltage added to Pitch.
  • CC Outputs: CC1(analog 0-5V), CC7(analog 0-5V), CC4(digital 0-5V).
  • MIDI Channel #: Jumper-selectable to 1, 3, 5 or 7.
  • Gate Modes: Single, Multiple, Multiple+Release.
  • Note Priority: Last, Low, High.
  • Power: +15V@30ma, -15V@30ma, +5V@50ma.

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