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Q148 VCA++

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Q148 VCA++ Module

The Q148 VCA++ combines a normal VCA, a left-right panner, a clipping monitor, a tuner, and a headphone amplifier all in a single-space module. The Q148 VCA++ makes a great final output module for studio or live work.

The VCA section operates like the Q108 VCA with both manual and voltage control. When patching in a control voltage, the VCA knob becomes an attenuator for the control voltage and essentially becomes your volume control.

The panning section gives you manual or voltage control of where the sound goes - left and/or right. Patch in an LFO to bounce the sound back and forth, or use an envelope to move the sound from one side to another for each note.

The tuning section provides an A (440hz) or C (523hz) standard for setting oscillators. It's super convenient and you might even find creative uses for it within your playing. The center position is off.

An LED indicates when the signal is getting close to the natural clipping level of the internal circuits to prevent distortion and help you set proper levels for the best signal-to-noise ratio.

The Q148 has a built-in stereo headphone amplifier with a volume control. As with any headphone amplifier, always start at the zero setting and slowly increase the volume to a safe level.

$212.00 USD
  • MA Wrote: Patching an LFO into the panner is very unsettling.
  • BK Wrote: The Euro world has nothing on Roger.
  • JW Wrote: Good Lord, you are amazing. This is perfect & your business model continues to impress. I need two. And some $$$
  • RS Wrote: My goodness!... Roger... you are putting out like a two-bit.... ummm... well... you are really building your product-line... substantially!

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