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Q113 8-Channel Mixer

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Q113 8-Channel Mixer Module

The Q113 Mixer provides common mixing functions needed in all systems. The mixer is broken into 2 sections of 4 inputs which can be combined to create an 8 channel unit. Each section has 3 inputs with attenuators and one that is set at 100%. Both DC and AC signals can be mixed.

$149.00 USD
  • Panel Size: Single width 4.25"w x 8.75"h.
  • Signal Levels: 10V PP maximum
  • Power: +15V@30ma, -15V@30ma.

A mixer is basically an electrical adder. All the signal inputs are added together and presented at the output. Three of the inputs on each section have attenuators and one does not. You can use a Q125 Signal Processor to attenuate signals before applying them to the unattenuated input. You can also use the unattenuated input to receive signals from other mixers to create a greater number of channels.

Making New Waveforms
You can create new waveforms by mixing two or more from a single oscillator. The signals will be in phase and will create a new stable, unbeating waveform. This can create interesting harmonics that can then be filtered.

Mixing Control Signals
The mixer has DC inputs and outputs which means it can mix slow-moving control signals. This can be helpful when you need to mix an envelope generator output and an oscillator output for use by the filter or other modules that have limited input connectors.

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