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Fine modular analog synthesizers featuring classic styling and world-class customer service

About offers the most complete selection of Moog-Unit format analog modular synthesizers on Earth. Our efficient direct-sales model has a 18-year track record of delivering quality products and top-notch customer service. Select from our pre-configured systems and controllers, or design your own with our cabinets and modules. Our systems interface with all other synthesizers. The possibilities are endless and the sound is amazing. Products are designed and built in Texas, and most are in stock, so get a quote now. It's easy to explore and learn here so start clicking! Join us on FaceBook and check out our Tutorials and Catalog.

Our Story has been producing quality modular synthesizer products since the late 90s. We design and manufacture all of our products in the piney woods of East Texas. Our business model delivers quality synthesizer products directly to the customer. Over the years we've earned a reputation for prompt shipping, excellent customer service and durability.

Read the story about the introduction of to the Analog Heaven forum in June, 2000. building in Tyler Texas Our Location location in Tyler Texas

About Roger Arrick

My name is Roger Arrick and I'm the founder and product designer at I've been "self-unemployed" most of my adult life and have been involved in electronic design and manufacturing since 1977. Much of my career has involved computers and robotics, both hardware and software. is my small business, and a handful of hard working employees make it all happen.

More about Roger

Roger Arrick founder of

What about the name?

It was around 1996 when I made the decision to design and produce a modular synthesizer. There was a renewed interest in analog synths and I could feel it. This was the .com era and the web was changing everything. Websites were just beginning to appear on TV ads. I decided to go out on a limb with a marketing experiment by making the company name the domain name. Many domain names were still available and I snatched up The rest is history, as they say.

Why Q?

Why do all product numbers at begin with "Q"? Product number prefixes are common in the electronics industry and I like it. Having a standard prefix gives coherence to the product line and makes them easier to recognize and remember. "Q" has special meaning in synthesizerdom indicating the quality factor of a filter, relating to resonance and feedback. building in Tyler Texas

My Business Philosophy

Some of my business philosophy comes from the fact that I started very small with virtually no investment capital, and have a dislike of debt. The rest of it is designed to increase the value of our products and to make life simpler for us and for our customers. Here are some of the main points:

  • We treat our customers, vendors, and employees like we'd want to be treated
  • We build the best product possible with the greatest value.
    We want everyone to be able to afford a modular
  • We keep most products in stock for quick shipping
  • We're committed to producing products for the long term
  • Our sales effort is completely internet-based
  • Customer communication is completely internet-based, no old-fashioned telephones
  • We don't release new products until they're in production
    and don't make fancy promises about the unseen future
  • We sell direct to customers
  • We don't do trade shows, and that saves you money
  • We don't insult your intelligence by ending prices in ".99" (pet peeve of mine)
  • Our promotion strategy is to satisfy customers

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