modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Studio Photo Contest - Nov 2004

Contest Winner(s) Selected:

Wow, so many excellent entries! I hadn't planned on so many good images so I'm going to offer second and third place prizes too.

Third place goes to Tom Haugen for his Moon Synth. Tom tells me his cabinet is now full, I just hope he got out first. A $50 credit is your award.

Second place goes to Zon for his DreamSynth. We all know Zon and appreciate his .com-ness. A $50 credit is your award.

An honorable mention goes to Alexander for his White Moog replica with a sprinkling of .com showing the perfect marriage of vintage splendor and contemporary excellence.

After days of struggle, I've selected the winner as our very own Morbius for his fantastic "Wizard of OZcillator". This image completely captures the essence of a modular, both in terms of sound and appearance. Way to go Morbius! A $100 credit is your award.

Contest Details:

Take a picture of you in your studio with your .com system.
Picture must show some .com equipment and you.
Provide a caption.
Photoshop-ing ok.
800 pixels wide .jpg prefered.
Concert photos ok.
Multiple entrys ok.
Authorize me to post it on the website.
Extra credit for orbs :)

Deadline is November 30, 2004

I'll pick the winner by December 10th and award a $100 credit which is enough to buy a module and pay for shipping - or you can use it towards something more expensive.



Entry #1 - Oliver Abplanalp
Entry #2 - Olivier Grall
Entry #3 - Jim Ghivizzani
Entry #4 - Larry Troth
Entry #5 - Richard Scott
Entry #6 - Mark Ziemer
Entry #7 - Zon Vern Pyles
Entry #8 - Tom Haugen
Entry #9 - Alexander
Entry #10 - Markk Roberts
Entry #11 - Dana Countryman
Entry #12 - Bernd-Michael Land
Entry #13 - Tony Endieveri
Entry #14 - Rod Swanson
Entry #15 - Evan
Entry #16 - Marcel Engels
Entry #17 - Terje Winther
Entry #18 - Doug Trubey


"I'm stunned by the size of the systems people are putting together. There's quite a number of bigger-than-Moog-55 systems out there. Olivier's room is freaking me out. And those of you who keep everything neat as a pin: cut it out! You're making me feel guilty!"
- Chuck