modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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The Company
    Home Page
    About Us
    Contact Information
    Media and Reviews
    Bizarre Comments
    Analog Heaven Fiasco
    Order Form and Policy
    FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions
    Banner Ad Art and Background Art
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    Brochure (PDF)
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    Search Form
    MOK-Meeting of the Knobs Invitation
    MOK1-Meeting of the Knobs 2002

    Gates and Triggers Explained
    Modular Form Factor
    19" Rack Information

    Bizarre Comments
    No-Pass Filter
    Shock & Awe Module
    Meeting of the Knobs Gone Amuck
    Music Humor
    Mayan News Release

    Spreadsheet of products (.xls)
    Spreadsheet of products(.csv)
    Future Products
    Technical Information
    FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

    Systems Page
    11-Space Box11 System
    11-Space Box11 Processing System
    11-Space Box11 Sequencing System
    11-Space Box11 Sequencing System
    22-Space Box11 System
    22-Space Box11 Sequencing System
    33-Space Box11 System
    44-Space Box11 System
    66-Space Box11 System
    22-Space Studio System
    44-Space Studio System
    66-Space Studio System
    88-Space Studio System
    110-Space Studio System
    22-Space Portable System
    44-Space Portable System
    88-Space Portable System
    8-Space Rack System
    24-Space Rack System
    System Entry Plan
    Custom Systems

    Controllers Page
    QKB15S Studio Keyboard Controller
    Switch Foot Controller
    Variable Foot Controller

    Power System Examples
    Power Supply
    Small Power Supply with cable harness
    Giant Power Supply
    DC Cable Harnesses
    DC Inter-Cabinet Cables
    MOTM/Blacet Power Adapter
    Q101 AC Control Module
    Q102 AC Interface Module
    Q103 DC Interface Module
    Q137 AC Control/Interface Module

    QCS22 22-Space Walnut Studio Cabinet
    QCS44 44-Space Walnut Tilted Studio Cabinet
    QCSKG Walnut Keyboard Garage
    QCB Studio Cabinet Stacking Brackets
    QCP22 22-Space Portable Cabinet
    QCR8 8-Space Rack Frame
    DIY Cabinet
    QCR8 Rack Frame Rigidity Test
    Parts, screws, etc

Other Products
    Patch Cables
    Parts, screws, etc

    Module Page
    Q101 AC Control
    Q102 AC Interface
    Q103 DC Interface
    Q104 MIDI Interface
    Q105 Slew Limiter
    Q106 Oscillator (VCO)
    Q106CRS Calibrated Range Switch (For Q106)
    Q107 State Variable Filter (VCF)
    Q108 Amplifier (VCA)
    Q109 Envelope Generator
    Q110 Noise
    Q111 Pan/Fade
    Q112 4-Channel Mixer
    Q113 8-Channel Mixer
    Q115 Reverb
    Q116 Ring Modulator
    Q117 Sample and Hold
    Q118 Instrument Interface
    Q119 Sequencer
    Q120 Connector Interface
    Q121 Banana Jack Interface
    Q122 Mini Jack Interface
    Q123 Standards (voltage and frequency)
    Q124 Multiple
    Q125 Signal Processor (Invert, Amp, Offset)
    Q127 Fixed Filter Bank
    Q128 Switch
    Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
    Q131 Single-Wide Blank Panel
    Q132 Double-Wide Blank Panel
    Q133 Quad-Wide Blank Panel
    Q134 Octal-Wide Blank Panel
    Q137 AC Control/Interface
    Q138 Logo Panel
    Q140 Fixed Filter Bank Aid (For Q127)
    Q141 Oscillator Aid (For Q106)
    Q142 Pedal Interface
    Q143 Presets
    Q146 Normalization
    Q147 Distributor
    Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter (VCF)
    Q161 Oscillator Mixer (For Q106)
    Q162 Filter Mixer (For Q107)
    Q171 Quantizer Bank
    Q172 Quantizer Aid
    Q960 Sequential Controller
    Q961 Sequencer Interface
    Q962 Sequential Switch
    Q963 Trigger Bus for Q960 Sequencer

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