modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Rack Systems Overview

Rack systems are made with our rugged 19" rack frames for easy mounting into user-supplied portable cases or studio cabinetry. Each frame is 5U tall (8.5") and has 8 spaces. These systems are great for processing external inputs from guitars or microphones, or as full-blown stand-alone synthesizer systems.

Don't let these configurations be a limit - they're easy to customize by adding or replacing modules and accessories. Some of the pictures below show systems with optional equipment such as keyboard controllers so see the individual system page for details.

Rack System Rack-8
The Rack-8 system is designed to process other instruments such as guitars, keyboard instruments, or any sound that can be picked up by a microphone. Perfect for adding that unique analog touch to otherwise normal audio. The Q118 Instrument interface module amplifies low-level signals then creates envelope and gate signals to be used by other modules in the system. The Q107 State Variable Filter provides high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, and notch responses under complete voltage control. Use the Q106 Oscillator as a drone, for modulation, or envelope triggering. The power system can handle 20 modules so expansion is easy.

Rack System Rack-24
Three 19" rack mount frames (5U each) hold an excellent array of modules including 3 oscillators, 2 envelope generators, 2 amplfiers, and our State Variable Filter. Use the instrument interface to process signals from guitars and microphones and use the MIDI interface to connect to your computer or keyboard. Also included is a noise source, sample and hold, ring modulator, slew limiter and more. Two blank panels allow expansion with another oscillator or our Q150 Ladder filter.

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