modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Rack-8 Synthesizer System

The Rack-8 system is designed to process other instruments such as guitars, keyboard instruments, or any sound that can be picked up by a microphone. Perfect for adding that unique analog touch to otherwise normal audio. The Q118 Instrument interface module amplifies low-level signals then creates envelope and gate signals to be used by other modules in the system. The Q107 State Variable Filter provides high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, and notch responses under complete voltage control. Use the Q106 Oscillator as a drone, for modulation, or envelope triggering. The power system can handle 20 modules so expansion is easy.

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Wooden enclosure not included

System Includes

Rack Frame
1) QCR8 19" Rack mount frame capable of holding 8 single-width modules.

1) QPS1 Power Supply
1) QDH20 DC Power Harness

1) Q137 Power Control/Interface
1) Q106 Oscillator
1) Q107 State Variable Filter
1) Q108 Amplifier
1) Q109 Envelope Generator
1) Q118 Instrument Interface

2) QP4MM-12 Patch Cable, 1/4" Plugs, 12"
5) QP4MM-24 Patch Cable, 1/4" Plugs, 24"

Module Map
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$1,042.50 US, See the On-Line order form

1 standard 19" rack frame, 5U (8.5") tall.

Shipping Information
15 pounds, 20" x 20" x 12"