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Patch Cables

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Patch cables

These rugged patch cables are designed to match the quality and dependability of your modular synthesizer.

Male-to-male 1/4" phone plugs with metal barrels and heat shrink with the '' imprint. Barrels are glued to eliminate annoying unscrewing.

Each length has its own color based on resistor color bands.

QP4MM-12 12" Patch Cable (brown) $8.50 USD
QP4MM-24 24" Patch Cable (red) $8.50 USD
QP4MM-36 36" Patch Cable (orange) $8.50 USD
QP4MM-48 48" Patch Cable (yellow) $8.50 USD
QP4MM-72 72" Patch Cable (blue) $8.50 USD

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