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 Q963WF  Width Feature Cable

The Q963WF Width Feature cable makes the outputs of the Q963 Trigger Bus module have a pulse width that is controlled by the Q960 Sequential Controller's oscillator.

The Q960 Sequential Controller has a Trigger Output signal for each stage. These outputs are On for the entire time that a stage is active (100% duty cycle). The Q963 Trigger Bus module takes these outputs and combines them to create a single output. Triggers from stages that are next to each other combine into one long trigger output instead of separate, individual pulses.

If you wish to have separate pulses for adjacent triggers at the outputs of the Q963, this cable will do the trick. With the Q963WF cable, the Q963 trigger outputs will stay on only as long as the Q960's oscillator output does (typically 90%), resulting in separate triggers for adjacent stages at the outputs of the Q963 Trigger Bus.

Side Effect
If the Q960's internal oscillator is OFF, this will drive the Q963's outputs OFF. This means that if you trigger the Q960 externally using the Shift input, and you have the Q960wf cable installed, the Q963 outputs will stay OFF.

The Q963WF cable is easy to install using test clips (no soldering required). Connect one end to a chip on the Q960's circuit board and the other 2 ends to the output jacks of the Q963.

A cleaner way to create distinct trigger outputs when combining them using a Q961 or Q963, is to use a Q128 Switch to perform a logical AND. This is described at the bottom of the Q963 page.

Learn About Gates and Triggers Here

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$25.00 US.


Installation consists of clipping one side of the cable to a chip on the Q960 Sequential controller, and the other 2 clips to wires on the Q963 Trigger Bus.

Clip the long wire to pin 8 of U15 on the Q960

Clip the 2 short wires to the output jacks of the Q963

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