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 Power Supply Adjustment

This page shows where to adjust voltage and current limit on power supplies. It is not common for them to need adjustment. These adjustments should be made by a qualified electronics technician. Incorrect adjustments may result in damage to your equipment.

There are several possible types of power supplies used in modulars but most of them have similar adjustment locations.

Supplies have 3 voltage adjustments and 3 current limit adjustments.
Use a small insulated flat-head screwdriver to do the adjustments.
Set the voltages to +5.00, +15.00 and -15.00 using a precision voltmeter.
Set the current limits to maximum - full clockwise.

Voltage adjustments are normally labeled "+5V Adj" or something similiar.
Current adjustments are normally labeled "+5 I. Limit" or something similar.


QPS1 Power Supply
This is a typical 75 watt QPS1 power supply.
Click on the image for a larger view.


QPS3 Power Supply
This is a typical 150 watt QPS3 power supply.
Click on the image for a larger view.