modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 MOK 2009 - Meeting of the Knobs

Meeting of the Knobs 2009
A day of tweaking

Vintage and Contemporary Analog Synthesizers,
Casual Conversation, and Plenty of Drooling

Saturday, June 27, 2009
10am till 5pm

Bedford, TX (Dallas/Fort Worth area)
Bedford Library
1805 L Don Dodson Dr
Bedford, TX 76021


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Caption Challenge

          "Look at me when I'm talking to you..Or I press the button!!" - Clive

          "He's saying it will ship "next month" again..." - TG

          "Look! I think that's a girl over there!" - Paul

          "THAT resistor RIGHT THERE, it's plated with Unobtainium-B and costs $12.03 in thousands!" - AL

          "I just came to the library for casual browsing, but I got op-amp theory instead" - Kit

          ""Don't roll your eyes, I DID invent Cloud computing. Crap... I think my finger is stuck again" - MW

          "This is my camera remote control development board. Now smile for the birdie!." - JL

          "Yawn . . . oh sure, Paul may have perfected the finger interface, but does he have Banana Jack Interface . . . I think not!" - DS

          "You call it a 'Cloud' geneator, but it's really more like 'Smoke'." - Roger

          "I'm sure these modules will sell... and the 'Michael Jackson chip' is right here." - M

          "Help..." - ZZ

          "You can 'flip me off' all you want... but don't 'give the finger' to my PCB!" - M

         Paul: The 8 wavetable oscillators use a 3rd order Legrange polynomial to reduce sideband harmonics, rather that the over-simplified approach of multi-tap finite-response shift registers. Roger (to himself): me.....anybody.....please........

          "Zee equipment says zat you are lying, you digital svine! (und zat is real goodt equipment, too). Now... sign zee papers!!!" - M

          "This part can grow hair, but it still needs some tweaking" - ?

          "What's all this Floobycloud stuff anyhow?" - Roger

          "Jeez... you're right... touching that with your finger DOES make ya have to go pee!" - M

          "Yep. As anti-grav units go, this-n works real good. Now shut it off... I'm tired of holding it down, and I've gotta scratch somethin'." - M

          "This my Monkey Board... I like my Monkey Board... You wanna touch my Monkey Board?" - DR

          "Yes, I *am* a doctor, and I really think my new remote hernia sensor module will be a big seller. Now turn you head and cough and let's see how many volts we get..." - DR

          "And when I press this special key, it plays a little melody" - Nik


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