modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Box11s1 Sequencing System
The Box11s1 configuration includes our powerful Q119 24-stage analog sequencer. Add analog sequencing to virtually any existing synthesizer having MIDI or pitch and gate input signals. Unique features of the Q119 include up/down cycling, variable gate width, note gliding, and voltage adding for arpeggiation.

Also included is our Q171 Quantizer bank which makes setting exact notes easy and fun. And the Q172 Quantizer Aid produces MIDI output to drive virtually any external synthesizer.

A blank panel provides expansion options.

Power components and patch cables included.

Click here for a larger image

System Includes

1) QCB11 Box11 Cabinet, with 11 Spaces and internal power harness
1) QCB11-SA-W Sides, Angled, Walnut for Box11, pair
See the many ways Box11 cabinets can be configured.

Power Components
1) QPS4 Power Supply for one Box11 (110/220VAC)

1) Q119 24-Stage Sequencer
1) Q171 Quantizer Bank
1) Q172 Quantizer Bank Aid
1) Q131 Blank Single Panel

6) QP4MM-12 Patch Cable, 1/4" Plugs, 12"
4) QP4MM-24 Patch Cable, 1/4" Plugs, 24"

Module Map
View the module map showing placement of each module in the system.

SynthInvent File
Download the SynthInvent file for this system (Right-click on this link and select Save).
Then use SynthInvent to view it or to customize it.

$1,374.00 US
Get a shipping and lead-time quotation

Dimensions and Weight
25-3/4"w x 8-5/8"d x 15-1/4"h, 15 pounds

Shipping Information
1 box:   26" x 12" x 12", 18 pounds

Suggested Options
This system has one blank panel where you can install another module.
Consider one of these options:

Q149 Signal Selector
Add the Q149 Signal Selector for real-time manual selection of sequencer rows.

Q142 Pedal Interface
Add the Q142 Pedal Interface to trigger sequences with your foot.

Create Your Own Custom System
It's not hard. Start by selecting cabinets, add power components, then add the exact modules you want. See our Custom System Page for ideas. Check out the SynthInvent system layout software. Email us if you have any questions.


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