modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Artist: Zon Vern Pyles


Zon Vern Pyles is an award-winning synthesist known throughout the world as a premiere sound designer and programmer. He has composed music for film, television and radio and programmed factory patches for Clavia/Nord, Quasimidi, Korg, Alesis and Moog (he programmed all 128 factory patches for the Minimoog Voyager Performer Edition).

His current plans include live performance (with synthesist Markk Roberts) and a new CD release later this year where you can hear his dual-manual, three-cabinet synthesizer in action.

The following recordings made by Zon are 100% plus effects:
The Mystics
Don't Go (2.5mb)

More information about Zon and his projects:
Web Site:

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