modular analog synthesizer for electronic music
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 Artist: Scott Gibbons

Scott Gibbons utilizes both natural acoustic phenomena and audio technology to create simple yet astonishing sonic events. Praised as "master of the sub-bass" by the Wire Magazine, Gibbons' compositions frequently make use of silence and inaudible frequencies. His electro-acoustic recordings and multi-media performances are designed to make unusual sensations appear commonplace, and familiar sounds are contrapositioned to seem startlingly alien by contrast. Collaborators include Societas Raffaello Sanzio (Genesi: from the Museum of Sleep), Mark Spybey (Zoviet-France), and Golan Levin (Telesymphony).

"Gibbons' tendency to understatement is extraordinary. What he shows us seems to be... not the event itself, but the trail."
- The Wire (UK)

"Lilith's music is conceived from the standpoint of simplicity and resourcefulness, with Gibbons' artful approach to the musical potential of mundane objects and only very minimal production trickery substituted for industrial/noise music's curt, often messy impudence."
- All Music Guide

Synth list includes and MOTM modular, Jupiter 6, Prophet 5, Odyssey, Nord Modular, Pro-1, DK600, DX7, e64, Z1, homemade analog performance tools, and more.


BTW - I had some great success with my latest project for theatre (Romeo Castellucci's "Du cycle de la Tragedia Endogonidia : A. #02"), and the core of my system was the Q118. I had a bunch of microphones on stage, and which the actors wore, and routed the signal every which direction... Even controlling a Nord Modular with the Q118 for one effect. Got a lot of head-scratching from the people who walked over to my station after the shows, when they were greeted by a bunch of cables and knobs :-) High five!!

- Scott

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